Being a top blockchain solution provider, our focus is always on implementing the best blockchain-based solutions for your business to make your workflow efficient, your processes transparent and your barriers to progress at a minimal. Our aim is to help you in reaching your business goals swiftly. This is why our Blockchain Developers work hard to bring just the right solutions for your business and our Marketing Team would even work over time in order to help you crush your competition.

Some Of Our Partners

Blockchain Services

Research & Development

Our research and development teams troubleshoot issues related to Blockchain performance, services, scalability, using cases and projects.

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

We offer fully descriptive SRS with functional and non-functional requirements, traceability matrix and business operational rules completely complying with an international standardised format.


Our well-developed whitepapers are designed keeping in view your investors’ expectations and needs. They are appealing, easy to read and very convincing to potential investors.

Financial Modeling & Token Design

We help you grow your business by providing you effective financial models and token design services including custom token rules, token creation and token distribution.

Smart Contracts and DApp

Our smart contract development teams create, manage and execute secure and audited smart contracts (ERC20) to verify the performance of a contract on the blockchain.

Blockchain Wallet Development

We develop secure multi-sig wallets with multi-currency payment processing and funding so you can easily store, send and receive various digital currencies around the globe.




To ensure transparency in elections Blockchain Technology can be utilised for identity verification, voter registration and electronic vote counting.


blockchain technology and cryptocurrency works with a decentralised ledger which records all transactions in separate undeletable blocks. This can help in monitoring internal revenue and taxes.


Blockchain can improve interoperability of medical records and help in the development of secure, transparent and sharable electronic medical records.


Banks can adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to make their business operations efficient, secure, and transparent. It can also speed up cross border transactions.

Supply Chain

Blockchain technology greatly reduces time delays and human mistakes and can also be utilised to monitor labor, costs, and waste and emissions at every point of the supply chain.

Real Estate Land Records

Blockchain technology can help with verifying ownership, tracking, ensuring the accuracy of documents, and transferring property deeds in the real estate market.

Protection of Property

Blockchain is secure and transparent. Every block reveals its creator and the data is unchangeable. This can help greatly in insurance and the protection of intellectual property.

Identity Verification

The blockchain technology is based on creating decentralised and ultimately secure ways of verifying, storing and encrypting data. Therefore, it’s perfect for identity verification.

blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


The Blockchain experts at Arthur J Goldman know all about the best implementation of blockchain technology in your industry and they can be excellent consultants for your current and future projects. Making the processes transparent & efficient helps all businesses around the world and this is just one of the many benefits featured by blockchain technology. We can help you in developing blockchain custom software, conducting successful ICOs and creating decentralised applications.


Transforming dreams to reality requires extensive research to determine the best methodology and the right approach to doing so. When it comes to implementing blockchain technology, the need for R&D becomes even greater. Fortunately, we have a good team of researchers who are capable of finding answers to your Blockchain-related concerns. Our Blockchain services are tailored to meet the business needs of all industries and resolve issues related to blockchain performance, scalability, and use cases.


Whitepapers developed by Arthur J Goldman are well researched and help in establishing an expert within your domain. Not only these comprehensive documents educate investors about your blockchain project, but they also persuade them to invest in it. Our whitepapers are actually sales pitches for your projects that simply get investors attracted to your ideas. We feature carefully designed infographics and intelligent use cases in our whitepapers.


Smart Contracts are the mechanisms that allow the enactment of credible, trackable and irreversible transactions without the need of third parties. Arthur J Goldman develops secure and audited smart contracts (ERC20) that help you in verifying the performance of a contract on the blockchain. We create, manage and execute smart contracts that enable your Blockchain business process to become really convenient and easy to manage.


We feature targeted ICO Marketing Strategies that are specifically designed to achieve the required traction to widen your business and bring investors for your ICO. We are experts in tapping the right markets by incorporating PPC, SEO, Social Media, ICO Forums and Email advertising. Our ICO and Coin Marketing Services are not just limited to Lead Generation, we also focus on investors’ conversion & retention.


We allocate dedicated community managers for your project whose main responsibilities revolve around developing online communities of interested investors and keep them engaged throughout your project life. We are adept at managing communities on Telegram, Discord, Quora, Reddit and keeping people engaged on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so your investors never lose interest in your project and always remember you in good words.

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